Who Is To Blame

After all night listening to the media blame the Republicans, this is a pretty shabby return on the electricity used.

“49% of all people in the poll say that Obama is acting like a responsible adult in this budget battle, with 47% describing him as a spoiled child.”

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Media Doing Yeoman’s Work For Democrats …

Doug Ross At Director Blue writes:

Issuing shrill cries to try and blame #ObamaReidShutdown on GOP

Not unexpected, but surprisingly lame. Everyone knows a man whose starting negotiating position is that he will not negotiate is responsible not only for any shutdown that occurs but also perpetuating a dysfunctional government.

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OblameO and Democrats Get Key Endorsement

From the Communist Party USA.

Neither party is anti-capitalist, but they aren’t identical either. Differences exist at the levels of policy and social composition. And despite the many frustrations of the past two years, the election of Barack Obama was historic and gave space to struggle for a people’s agenda.

If, on the other hand, the Republicans had been victorious in 2008 the character of class and democratic struggles would have unfolded very differently. Our movement would have been on the defensive from Day One, the Democrats would be running for cover, and the Republicans would have an unfettered hand in their efforts to liquidate the welfare state, roll back the rights revolution of the 1930s and 1960s, and crush the people’s movement – labor in the first place.

As for the wisdom of a third party, we have always advocated the formation of an independent people’s party at the core of which are the working class and labor, racially and nationally oppressed people, women, youth, immigrants, seniors, gay and straight, etc. It is essential for any deep-going social change. But its realization depends on more than our desire, more than our political-ideological attitude. Millions who have to be at the core of this party still operate under the umbrella of the Democratic Party, albeit increasingly in an independent fashion.

Moreover, to separate ourselves at this moment from these forces would be contrary to our strategic policy of building maximum unity against right-wing extremism now and in next year’s elections.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if there were real, bona fide Communists working within the Democratic Party, there it is. Yes, there are. The Commie said so.

Some 80+ Democrat House members are registered commies with CPUSA…

Citizen Journalism Stops a Liberal Meme In Its Tracks: It Was No Mistake!!!

The lamestream is already trying to smear Rick Perry.

MSNBC and ABC News attempted to peddle a baldfaced lie about Perry, using deceptive editing to make it appear that Perry had made a racist remark about President Obama. Before the blogosphere existed, other news organizations would have simply run with ABC’s interpretation of the facts and before the nascent Perry campaign could have formulated an effective response, a substantial portion of America’s population would have been told by the media that Perry has a problem with a black man being President.

However, thanks to Breitbart.tv’s Larry O’Connor, this meme was stopped in its tracks before it could even take hold. ABC News was forced to surreptitiously doctor their page to note that Perry was actually talking about the national debt. Futhermore – MSNBC’s Ed Schultz was forced to actually sort of apologize for his blatant lie and distortion of the truth:

Here is the original as spoken, video.

The lies are coming quick this time, it was no mistake to selectively edit, this took real work with the edit machine to make this happen. They know this time propping up OblameO isn’t going to be easy this time around.

Already trying out their now dead race card …

Just Stealing The Jobs American Citizens Used To Have

Only a brain dead liberal cannot see through this crap …

Senator Charles “Chuck You” Schumer thinks that by passing the “DREAM Act” and legalizing millions more illegals in the US it will fix our unemployment problem.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is attempting to revive moribund efforts to pass a comprehensive immigration bill, telling POLITICO Monday that he will hold a hearing next week focused on the economic argument for an immigration overhaul.

It’s a subtle shift in emphasis for immigration reform advocates, who met recently with Schumer (D-N.Y.) to plot a strategy.

“We decided we ought to start highlighting the fact that immigration creates jobs rather than takes them away,” Schumer, the No. 3 Senate leader, said in an interview. “Everyone agreed that is how we are going to start talking about immigration, as a job creator.”

The change in emphasis capitalizes on an all-consuming focus in Washington on the economy. President Barack Obama spent several weeks in the spring pushing for immigration reform, including a speech that highlighted the economic benefits, but the issue has been overshadowed by budget negotiations and stalled by a Republican-controlled House.

Yes, Chuck, you stupid liberal idiot! LEGAL immigration is good for America. Government-tit sucking ILLEGAL moochers and parasites drains the system. Hey up-Chuck, did you know that three times in the 20th century This problkem resulted in forced deportations of illegals? Yep, count them, tree times, forced deportation.

We don’t need any more knuckle dragging illiterate Democrat voters.

Congressional Democrats On The Left Fringe Of The Most Important Issue Of The Day

Democrats … spend spend spend, until no one has anything.

House Republicans will vote tonight(?) on a bill to raise the current $14.3 trillion federal debt ceiling by another $2.4 trillion, according to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Though the government hit the debt ceiling on May 16, it still has buffer time …

From righty pollsters Resurgent Republic puts the Democrats’ position on the debt-ceiling vote in perspective:

“6 in 10 House Democrats support a debt-ceiling plan opposed by 9 in 10 voters.”

This week the House of Representatives will consider President Obama’s request to raise the federal debt limit without any preconditions related to limiting spending. This policy, the so-called “clean” debt ceiling hike, is opposed by 9 in 10 voters, according to a Resurgent Republic survey conducted jointly with the American Action Forum.

Perhaps numbers like this explain why minority whip Steny Hoyer, leader of the HouseDemocratic moderates, is whipping against the ‘clean’ debt-ceiling vote he once supported.

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