Not So Conventional Wisdom

11 Pieces of Obamacare Conventional Wisdom That Shouldn’t Be So Conventional.



Whipsawed By The Party Line

This piece at The Atlantic yesterday — published at noon — tries to connect people opposing Obama’s attack-Syria plan with (in the Democrats’ latest buzzword) “Neo-Confederates.” But then, within hours, Obama himself had turned Neo-Confederate, asking Congress to postpone his vote. Oops! The window where you were racist if you didn’t want to bomb brown people has slammed shut.

Trying to sell a lie, blows up in their face.

What’s Wrong With Our Media?

ONCE AGAIN, THE GUARDIAN COVERS A NATIONAL SECURITY STORY THE NEW YORK TIMES WON’T: US consulate attack in Benghazi: a challenge to official version of events.

The attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was striking for a number of reasons: the date, 11 September, the toll – four diplomats killed, including an ambassador – and the knock-on effects on the careers of senior American politicians.

But what is perhaps most striking is the inconsistencies: the US version of events compared with those of witnesses and the facts on the ground. The two do not tally. And so, a year later, there remain pressing questions about what happened that night – and what the Americans say happened.

But the American media are shockingly incurious. Because, I suspect, they’re afraid that curiosity would produce a story that might be damaging to Obama — or to Hillary. Or both.