Why Take The New York Times So Seriously

Global Warming nonesense was a mistake::

You may wonder why such a statement would be made in the New York Times.

Well, not because they’re giving up on the Cult of Angry Gaia. No. What’s happened is that given the 15 year long hiatus in temperature change, certain proofs that the Science Is Settled You Guys have to be tossed out in order to save the rest of it.

In the editorial, the author argues that the Hockey Stick was always silly and therefore we shouldn’t be misled by reliance upon it. The Hockey Stick showed, and projected, ever-rising global temperatures; well that was just plain ol’ silly, this writer now says, and you shouldn’t hold it against Global Warming that one of their most widely publicized Political Advertisements turns out to have been bunk.

You should still totes believe in Global Warming. Just don’t put any stock in that silly Hockey Stick graph that was used to sell Global Warming for the past, what, 30 years?

See, if you ignore that Hockey Stick, and accept, as the writer (now he tells us) announces, that the Hockey Stick always had ” too much certainty and inappropriate simplicity,” and just accept that Global Warming might be much more variable and unpredictable than previously claimed, then you can accept the truth that it’s Totally Predictable and We’re All Going to Die So Just Believe Us Please.

The writer claims he “predicted” the 15 year pause in temperature increase:

A few years of random cooling = a fifteen year pause?

He then admits he predicted nothing:

O.K., I didn’t actually predict a pause in the warming but a possible period of cooling. But that’s close enough.

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Ah yes the ice age is coming.


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