Florida Governor Scott Plans Higher Education Reforms

Merit pay for professors part of Texas model eyed

Gov. Rick Scott is exploring an overhaul of pay and tenure for university and college professors.

Looking to mirror the contentious higher education model touted by Texas governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry, Scott hopes to include some of the reforms put in place in K-12 schools, such as merit pay.

The Texas proposal supports the concept of tying state funding to performance, financially rewarding professors based on effectiveness, and using higher education tuition vouchers that can be used toward private schools.

The reforms being discussed would end tenure and measure classroom effectiveness with student evaluations as well as the number of students taught and amount of research dollars each professor brings in. Many of those ideas are outlined in a 2008 report by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

“One of the things I really like about what he has in there is the fact that we should be measuring our professors,” Scott said. “I believe students ought to be measuring the effectiveness of our professors because ultimately, it is the family’s money that is paying for this.”

Bravo Gov Scott …


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