Boehner: You bet your ass I told my caucus to get their asses in line

Laura Ingraham got the man of the hour on her show this morning, who confirmed that he did indeed tell the House Republican caucus to “get their asses in line” to pass his debt-ceiling proposal — once the rewrite comes in.

Can Boehner succeed in whipping his caucus to get the needed majority to pass his plan? At the moment, that seems iffy — but Boehner has had a good track record in holding his caucus in line over the last four years.

This morning took an interesting turn of events. First the Wall Street Journal called us hobbits. Then Bill Kristol proclaimed us “pro-Obama.” Then John Boehner told his members to get their “asses in line.”. The establishment repubics are drawing a line in the sand.

Just consider for a moment how hard it was for Linco;n, to get the WHIGS to go away …


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