WOW, Must Be A Huff-n-Puff Brain Fart

WOW, the clue bat visits the HuffPuff head mama … Need more stimulus money; Maybe if stimulus one was just sop to keep the state employees unions flush with taxpayer money, the wealth transfer wouldn’t be so bad … But now, it’s just stupid. Don’t you get it. the people know, the jig is up.

In 2009, the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House authorized $787 billion in stimulus spending, which was intended to rescue the U.S. economy from spiraling into a free fall.

But nearly two and a half years later, unemployment is still hovering near double digits and policymakers are still scratching their heads trying to determine what the proper government response to the economy should be.

During the online “Green Room” segment of ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington proposed even more stimulus spending as an answer.

But she also acknowledged to co-panelist, Fox Business Network contributor Charles Gasparino, that the original 2009 stimulus failed.

I didn’t know this was still questionable.  The doofus rams another fact, call the whamulus — Huffington argued:

 “When you consider that infrastructure is crumbling and we have 20 percent of construction workers unemployed, surely there is something we can be doing.”

Well, that was precisely what, according to Obama, the stimulus $$ would be used for in large part – repairing crumbling infrastructure.  So what happened? Panicking.

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