Have You Seen These Guys, Out Front Your Place Of Work?

It’s the same old song the progressives have been singing for 60 years. Let them feed their families the same way they feed fish ….

Rush has the information you need … 1967 and 1979: Debt Ceiling Talking Points Were Same as We Hear Now

Key ‘graph … “because what’s hanging in the balance is the country, and it’s not an overstatement to say that. This is the New York Times News Service, January 30, 1967:”

LBJ’s “Secretary of the Treasury Henry H. Fowler told Congress today that the government would be unable to pay all its bill if the ceiling on the national debt was not lifted within 30 days. Fowler ran into Republican hostility in day-long testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee… Fowler asked that the ceiling be raised by $7 billion to $337 billion to cover the period until June 30. Further legislation covering the period after June 30 will be needed later he said. Fowler said that payments for such things as old age benefits, veterans pensions, public assistance benefits, tax refunds, and the salaries of government workers would be threatened if the ceiling were not raised.”

I am reading to you from the New York Times 1967. It is identical other than the numbers to what we are being told today. “Fowler said unless the debt limit is increased by the end of February at which time our outstanding obligations would exceed that which we could legally borrow the possibility of an economic and monetary derangement will be a reality.” This is 1967 and they were threatening default. In 1967 the Democrats told us it was a crisis. They created chaos. The Democrat handbook can be traced all the way back to 1967, LBJ’s Treasury secretary. I have another example. Jimmy Carter’s Treasury secretary, April 3rd, 1979: “The US House of Representatives passed legislation yesterday that extended the debt ceiling. It came after the House rejected a Republican-led attempt to tack on a strong amendment calling for a balanced federal budget.”

Are you hearing this? 1979.

We are going past one of the very last exits, it is a Balanced Budget Amendment or America is dead.


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