Rick Perry: Economic Crisis Is God’s Way Of Bringing Us Back To Biblical Principles

Texas Governor Rick Perry tells James Robison that we are going through an economic crisis for a purpose so that the national will return to biblical principles and free the citizens from their slavery to the government.

ThinkProgress, the leftist, Soros-funded blog is taking issue with Texas Gov. Rick Perry thoughts on faith and the government’s role in society. During a recent interview with James Robison’s Life Today television program, Perry said the following:

I think in America from time to time we have to go through some difficult times — and I think we’re going through those difficult economic times for a purpose, to bring us back to those Biblical principles of you know, you don’t spend all the money. You work hard for those six years and you put up that seventh year in the warehouse to take you through the hard times. And not spending all of our money. Not asking for Pharaoh to give everything to everybody and to take care of folks because at the end of the day, it’s slavery. We become slaves to government.

The Libturds went nuts.


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