Congressional Democrats On The Left Fringe Of The Most Important Issue Of The Day

Democrats … spend spend spend, until no one has anything.

House Republicans will vote tonight(?) on a bill to raise the current $14.3 trillion federal debt ceiling by another $2.4 trillion, according to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Though the government hit the debt ceiling on May 16, it still has buffer time …

From righty pollsters Resurgent Republic puts the Democrats’ position on the debt-ceiling vote in perspective:

“6 in 10 House Democrats support a debt-ceiling plan opposed by 9 in 10 voters.”

This week the House of Representatives will consider President Obama’s request to raise the federal debt limit without any preconditions related to limiting spending. This policy, the so-called “clean” debt ceiling hike, is opposed by 9 in 10 voters, according to a Resurgent Republic survey conducted jointly with the American Action Forum.

Perhaps numbers like this explain why minority whip Steny Hoyer, leader of the HouseDemocratic moderates, is whipping against the ‘clean’ debt-ceiling vote he once supported.

When presented with three options, only 11 percent of voters support raising the debt limit without preconditions, and Independents and Democrats offer faint support for this policy:

  • 11 percent of Independents support raising the debt limit without any preconditions.
  • 1 in 5 Democrats (18 percent) support raising the debt limit without any preconditions.
  • The most popular position among Independents (49 percent) is raising the debt limit “in exchange for substantial spending cuts and a commitment to reduce the deficit.”

Obama’s no conditions debt ceiling raising bill … went down … 97-318 with 7 voting present. All the Republicans voter no, and the Democrats split down the middle.


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