Supreme Court Rules 5:4 That Gun Rights Apply Nationwide

The McDonald opinion is here … More later as I and others read the opinion. DrudgeReport SCOTUSBLOG has more.


The key impact of the McDonald opinion: the Second Amendment has now become normal constitutional law. Incorporating the Second Amendment, with the McDonald decision, seals its fate. It is forever to be viewed as normal Constitutional law, with all the privileges as a FUNDAMENTAL right. It was a long, arduous fight. with a fruitful conclusion.

American freedom and liberty has won the day …

If you are interested, the arguments made by Justice Thomas in his concurrence opinion were based on this historically researched article relies heavily on Bob Cottrol and Ray Diamond’s pathbreaking article on this subject, which I highly recommend reading — The history lesson alone is worth the time. Justice Thomas seeks to bring the historically correct perspective to light, the 14th Amendment was designed to give Second Amendment Rights to newly freed slaves. Although Justice Thomas argues for the P&I incorporation, which to me would have been the better course, the SC did not take.

Now I guess the real action will move to the lower courts to flesh out the beast and establish some boundaries.


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