Picking Winners and Loser

John Stossel’s show last night was “Picking Winners and Losers”. He write on his MUST READ blog:In my show on “crony capitalism” last night, I reported on Serious Windows and the special attention they’ve received from the White House. One window manufacturer, Gorell Windows & Doors, wrote:

I have to commend you on your unveiling of the favoritism the Obama Administration has been giving to Serious Materials. To let you know up-front, I am the VP of Sales/Marketing of Gorell Windows and Doors, a competitor of Serious Materials.
… [O]ur company is located about 25 minutes from Serious Materials. We have continually tried to contact the Obama Administration about being involved in the energy and weatherization discussions. Gorell has been named the National Energy Star Partner of the Year (ESPOY) for SIX years in a row, and the Energy Star Sustained Excellence Winner the past FOUR years in a row. We are the ONLY window company in the country to be recognized as the ESPOY and Sustained Excellence Winner this many times in a row!
… We were surprised that Serious Materials was invited to these weatherization and energy discussions and we were not invited or contacted. We felt that because we were the National Energy Star Partner of the Year and Sustained Excellence winner, we would be a natural company to be involved in any discussions.
… [W]e have hired many of the factory workers from Serious Materials because Serious Materials is just not making that many windows. From a window manufacturing stand point, we are much larger than them. Their national recognition has been surprising to us because they just don’t do that many windows. We, of course, want them to create jobs, but to get this recognition with nothing to back it up has been a source of frustration for me and some of my other fellow competitors.

Now I don’t presume to know which company makes best windows, but it sure is odd that Serious gets all this attention. When government gets in the business of picking winners and losers, it’s important that we know how and why they pick them.


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