NASA’s Global Warming Observatory Is Lost in Space

It’s really too bad the launch failed, this could have advanced the cause of real science. Like other observatories, which fail to verify the “blanket of CO2 that engulf the Earth that the GCMs predict, this could have driven more nails into the coffin of lies.

An orbiting “global warming” observatory launched into space Tuesday morning failed to reach its intended orbit, NASA announced.

Several minutes after the Taurus rocket carrying the observatory blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, launch managers found that the payload failed to separate.

The orbiting carbon dioxide observatory is lost.

This was intended to be the first spacecraft dedicated to studying atmospheric carbon dioxide – “the principal human-produced driver of climate change,” NASA says on its Web site.

According to NASA, the observatory was supposed to provide the “the first complete picture of human and natural carbon dioxide sources as well as their ‘sinks,’ the places where carbon dioxide is pulled out of the atmosphere and stored.”

Combined with data from ground stations and other sources, the observatory would have helped answer questions about atmospheric carbon dioxide and its role in Earth’s climate and carbon cycle.

via – NASA’s Global Warming Observatory Is Lost in Space.


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